MQTTS with Paho

I can see on you github an implementation of Paho MicroEJ client.

Do you know how many additionnal RAM ressources do we need compare to simple MQTT client ?

Hi Julien,

It would be very dependent on the use case. How many active connections to a MQTT broker would you like to use? Which SSL third-party stack will you be using? Which kind of SSL link (public/private key or certificate only) is involved?

If we are in a minimal use-case with a simple and unique SSL link, you would have something from 40kB to 50kB overhead (the specification is forcing 16kB buffers for RX and TX, so 32kB is sure to be used by the third-party stack) compared to a non secure link.

To be thorough, MQTT without security is really not recommended so this overhead is kinda mandatory.

Gaƫtan for MicroEJ