List of the information/requirements we need from the device vendor

Dear MicroEJ,

When we try to port the MicroEJ Java VM, using your SDK, to a device from one of our partners, which information and/or requirements do we need from them regarding to their device?

Just for your better understanding about this porting, the summary of what i have known can be as:

Device : Wi-SUN Modem
MCU : STMicroelectronics STM32F413RG
RTOS : ARM Mbed (mostly)
Debugging : ST-Linker, able to connect for debugging
No display.
USB Interface for the firmware development
Compiler : Not known yet.

Thanks much in advance for your valuable feedback.

YH Kwon

Dear @kwonyh,

You have most of the information, you will need the compiler as well.

Then you can have a look at this how to [Platforming] How to create your own MicroEJ platform on a custom board