JADE on MicroEJ Studio

Hi everyone,

I want to use JADE on MicroEJ Studio.
First, I set the MicroEJ Studio and working environment up and I am able to run com.microej.demo.hello sample project (which is shared in applications-3.0.0.zip) on both simulator and STM32F746-Disco.
Now, I want to run hello world example of JADE in com.microej.demo.hello project. Therefore, I imported the jade.jar and added HelloWorldAgent.java into the project. Even I have never instantiated the HelloWorldAgent class in HelloActivity, I faced up errors.

HelloWorldAgent has a setup method and just prints agentID to the console. Shown as below:

package com.microej.demo.hello;

import jade.core.Agent;

   This example shows a minimal agent that just prints "Hello World!" 
   and then terminates.
   @author Giovanni Caire - TILAB
public class HelloWorldAgent extends Agent {

  protected void setup() {
  	System.out.println("Hello World! My name is " + getLocalName());
  	// Make this agent terminate

Are there anybody to help?
Thanks in advance.


What are the errors you encounter? compilation errors?

How did you add your classpath dependency for JADE? you said you imported the .jar file. For a MicroEJ Sandboxed Application you need to drop the jar into the META-INF/libraries folder at the root of your Eclipse project for it to be be taken into account at compile time and run time.

Moreover JADE seems to be using java.io.ObjectOutputStream [1] that is not available in our runtime yet.

Hope it’ll help.
Gaëtan for MicroEJ

[1] https://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/io/ObjectOutputStream.html