Ivy revision pattern


I am trying to import MQTT library in my MicroEJ Studio project. I added the line
<dependency org="org.eclipse.paho" name="mqttv3-microej" rev="1.+"/>
to my module.ivy file but when Ivy tries to resolve dependencies i get this error:

The ivy file 'module.ivy' could not be parsed: Problem occurred while parsing ivy file: MicroEJ revision semantic error for dependency org.eclipse.paho#mqttv3-microej;1.+ : Expecting a fixed revision (M.m.p): got "1.+" in file:module.ivy

Ivy is not able to parse the revision pattern. How can I make it able to resolve the dependency?


Hi Alex,

From your error message, you are using MicroEJ MMM. The syntax have changed and expect M.m.p.

You can use the examples available at https://github.com/MicroEJ/Example-Sandboxed-IOT which have been updated for MicroEJ MMM