Ivy DE not resolving Dependencies

We are having a problem building the project using EasyAnt in MicroEj Studio but we are seeing the problems mentioned below:-

unresolved dependency: ej.library.wadapps#framework;[1.2.0-RC0,2.0.0-RC0[: not found
unresolved dependency: ej.library.test#junit;[1.0.0-RC0,2.0.0-RC0[: not found
unresolved dependency: ej.api#net;[1.0.0,2.0.0[: not found
unresolved dependency: ej.api#edc;[1.2.0-RC0,2.0.0-RC0[: not found

It worked yesterday and when tried to build today now the ivy file gives error in all the projects.

This actually also occurred to other developer where in his case he haven’t edited the project in few days but when he tried to build it today got the similar errors.


Hi @harshanarisetty,

Could you:

  • Right-click on your project -> Ivy -> Clean all caches
  • Do a resolve all (the yellow arrows icon)

If you have still an issue you may want to try the offline repository (see ** Working offline** in http://repository.microej.com/).