Highlighting MicroEJ SDK and Studio v5: What’s New?

After months of development and close collaboration with its ecosystem of partners and customers, MicroEJ is proud to introduce SDK and Studio v5 to the market.

MicroEJ enhanced the following strategic core themes:

  • Improved performance for constrained embedded devices
  • New features for wearable embedded GUIs
  • A new and enhanced suite of tools for debugging and testing
  • Advanced IoT connectivity for all types of devices, whether connected to the cloud or to the edge.

Developers will find MicroEJ support for new development board to start building, testing and debugging apps and software components for embedded systems:

For MICROEJ Studio, these include:

For MICROEJ SDK, these include:

  • STMicroelectronics STM32F746G-DISCO
  • NXP OM13098 Development Board
  • Espressif ESP32-WROVER-KIT V4.1
  • Sony’s Spresense

MicroEJ v5 New Features Highlights


A performant and robust tool to ease the cost of developing:

Runtime Enhanced Performance:

New optimized algorithms and specifications to leverage the best performance from your microcontroller.

  • Improved GC
  • Memory Mapped Resources Seek
  • SNI-1.3: Safe Native Interface
  • Compile-time Constants
  • Support of Unicode code points (Emojis)


A suite of tools to qualify, design and debug your applications.

  • Heap Dumper: heap memory analysis.
  • Trace API & LL SystemView: help for CPU consumption analysis.
  • Null Analysis
  • Java Assertions
  • Enhanced OutOfMemory back traces
  • Enhanced VM Dump: print the status of the VM.
  • JUnit Support

Instruction Set Architectures:

New architectures supported.

  • Xtensa Architecture (ESP32).
  • Updated Cortex-M based architectures to IAR8.30
  • Support for Cortex-M33

UI Pack new Tools and Libraries:

Focus has been put on this new version to make smartwatch embedded GUIs more appealing and more energy efficient.

  • Added Anti Aliased & Thick drawings (arcs / lines)
  • Extensible & Open Source Font Panel (with snippets of code)
  • Support for Round LCDs (physical vs logical display)
  • Support for LUTs
  • Image Heap Simulation

Enhanced IOT Connectivity:

New libraries to support secure links and standard IoT protocols.

  • SSL 2 ways
  • Wifi/BLE Foundation Libraries
  • New Security/Crypto Foundation Library

Thank you for your continuous feedback and support. We are excited to see what kind of new applications you’ll create with MicroEJ!
The MicroEJ Team