ECOM-COMM UART IMPL for ESP32 (ESP32WROVER-GNUv52_xtensa-esp32-psram-bsp)

Hi support team,
Refering to the APP note TLT-0652-AN-MICROEJ-ECOM-COMM :
Does MEJ teams plan to implement UART stubs (LCOMM_CUSTOM_CONNECTION_IMP or BUFFERED_IMP)
also, Rx strategy shall be discussed.
Last point : not sure about this comment in SPI ecom // esp-idf doesn’t provide API for enableRXDeviceInterrupt
Thanks for your reply on this topic.
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Hi Gilles,
I assume you are using the ESP32 WROVER demo platform which does not implement the ECOM COMM driver. There is no short term plan to add it to the demo but you can look at another demo platform implementation (STM32F746 from -> platform -> ST).

About SPI ecom in the platform: this is probably outdated comment in the source, we’ll check.

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Hi Stéphane,
Yes right, meanwhile, I had a look @ST implementation which is is a good reference !
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Hi Stéphane,
Then, I have implemented LLCOM for ESP32 , following reference from STM32 and making proper call with ESP “HAL”

Then, I have an IOException : ECOM-COMM:E=3 meaning my conn connection arg is wrong

=> could you explain a bit about , and also about eclipse java settings

could you explain more about connection name ? name)
regarding TLT-0784-MAN-DeviceDevGuide and 11.2.4 Comm Port Identifier
Should name refer to the “comx” displayed in eclipse configurator ?

thanks for your support


HI stephane, I made some progress, I let you know when status refined

Hi Gilles,

The com configuration you are showing should be just the number (42 for instance). On the java application you should prefix this number with ecom like : comm:com42;baudrate=9600;bitsperchar=8;stopbits=1;parity=none.

You can have a look at these example for the usage of an ecom