[CENTRAL REPOSITORY] The MicroEJ Central Repository has been updated v2.9.0

Hello all,

We updated our MicroEJ Central Repository [1] with the latest libraries and functionalities.

The changelog below is a summary, with major highlights. To go further please consult:

The MicroEJ Central Repository is accessible by default in the MICROEJ Studio and SDK and provides libraries to enrich your applications and help development.

Happy coding!
The MicroEJ Team

[1] https://developer.microej.com/central-repository/
[2] https://repository.microej.com/javadoc/microej_5.x/apis/

UI Pack

  • Module “com.microej.pack.ui.ui-pack” added (v13.0.4)


  • Module “ej.library.iot.connectivity” added (v2.1.1)

Modules moved

The following modules are moved to MicroEJ Evaluation Architectures repository 1.1.0.

  • Module “com.microej.architecture.ESP32.esp_idf-impl” (v1.1.1)
  • Module “com.microej.architecture.ESP32.esp_idf-mock” (v1.1.2)